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Transforming data into insights

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360workx is a swiss consulting firm that specializes in improving data related digital processes and data management for businesses.

Knowing your data has never been more important

We help you to become a "data-driven company" by ensuring the necessary components are in place.

By implementing data governance, data protection, and master data management, you can take the next step towards a secure and efficient digital future.

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    Saving Money

    By implementing the right processes and tools, and ensuring internal understanding and empowerment, you can save a reasonable amount each month.

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    Saving Time

    Get an immediate clear picture of your data by understanding the complex relationships, significantly reducing the analysis time.

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    Stay Compliant

    Ensure compliance of the company's internal processes by using tools such as data catalogs, data privacy and data quality solutions.


Treating every case with attention for detail

We are going to help you to organize and protect your data

Explore the services we offer to help your business.


    Data Governance

    We help you set your data governance, which ensures the effective management, quality, privacy and security of any of your organization’s data assets.

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    Master Data Management

    We help you to create and maintain a single, authoritative source of critical data within your organization and define and enforce data governance policies and processes to ensure data consistency, accuracy, and integrity.

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    Data Protection

    We help you implementing data protection process and ensure the individual's right to have their personal data erased or removed from a data controller's records and any associated systems in your company.

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A small team that cares a lot. We give you clear insights into your data

Our service has helped our clients to create unbreakable and safe connection with their clients test

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These are just to name a few. We can't show the full list due to the privacy of our clients.

Driven by passion and energy

Transforming data into insights

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About our ways

Small team that cares a lot. We are giving a you clear insights in your data

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  • 15+ years

    Each of our consultants has excellent professional expertise in our focus topics and over 15 years of experience in various industries.

  • 25+ cases

    Our consultants have successfully completed over 25 projects in our focus areas of digitalization, data governance, data protection, and master data management with major clients in the past years.

Let’s get your data organized

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